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Саймон Фармери (Simon Farmery)

Саймон Фармери (Simon Farmery)



Simon Farmery recently relocated to the US where he’s getting used to the midwest winters of Chicago. Born in 1976, Simon grew up in a musical family. His father was a drummer and his uncle a guitar player. He somewhat naturally picked up the bass and started a career in 1990, which was when he started jaming with his cousin Lee Farmery (Furyon). Many of his early years was influenced by Steve Harris of Iron Maiden,” he says, but also takes influence from Billy Sheehan, John Myung, Stu Ham and Eddie Jackson to name a but a few. He recorded two albums Far From The Edge and Signs Of Purity with his first major band, Pride, which was formed in 1998, which is also where he met Chris Green and Matt Mitchell who went on to form Furyon in 2004 who with he recorded an EP in 2006 before moving to the USA in 2008. With both Pride and Furyon he has been lucky to tour all over Europe with some of the biggest bands in Rock. Since he has relocated to the US he has become part of a 70’s Classic Rock Tribute called Vintage as well as writing original music with a number of artists and doing some studio session work. He is so happy to be back playing Laney bass amps, which he first starting playing almost 20 years ago!!!!!

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