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Серж Димитривич (Serg Dimitrijevic)

Серж Димитривич (Serg Dimitrijevic)

"I love this amp. i've been getting a lot of people commenting on the sound!"


Serg Dimitrijevic is an established and well respected international musician.Originally from Sydney Australia,Serg relocated to Los Angeles six years ago where he now lives and works. Serg’s love affair for music began at an early age. Both his parent’s are avid lovers of all sorts of music which made a huge impression on his early musical interests. It wasn’t unusual to hear the latest pop music, Led Zepplin,Black Sabbath,AC/DC,KISS or Prince being played around the house. It wasn’t until his early teens when Serg got bitten by the guitar bug. After messing around on an acoustic guitar and keys from ages 7 – 11, fate seemed to step in when Serg decided to skip school with a friend who had just starting playing the electric guitar and wanted to show Serg what he had learnt and to show off his new electric guitar.After listening to his friend play “It’s A Long Way To The Top” by AC/DC,Serg asked if he could show him how to play the opening riff. That would be the turning point in Serg’s life.After his friend showed him the riff,Serg quickly and naturally executed the riff and that sparked his creative fire and instant love for the guitar like he had never felt before! Wasn’t too long after that experience that Serg pleaded with his parents for an electric guitar promising them that he would take it seriously and he would take lessons and that he had found his passion.Being the cool and hip parents,they saw the genuine enthusiasm in Serg and gave him the opportunity to indulge in something he was excited about. Through out high school,Serg attended weekly private lessons with many of Australia’s leading guitarists and once finishing high school,saw Serg audition and get into the University of Wollongong to study music full time.During these years, Serg would find himself jamming and playing with as many people and bands as he could.Also getting himself interested in writing and recording his own music and ideas. Serg carved out an impressive resume of artists that he worked for while living in Australia.He would constantly be on the road or in the studio with Australia’s leading artists which saw him travelling the globe with them.This also saw Serg on numerous TV shows,Radio shows and also on a few DVD’s released by a few of Australia’s biggest names. After doing years of work in and around Australia, Serg decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue the same goals as he had reached in Australia. Since moving to Los Angeles, Serg has been busy making the transition into the American Music Industry and making an impression due to a lot of his past experiences and his obvious passion for playing the guitar and love of music. Serg has established himself in LA where you will find him doing studio sessions, touring,producing and writing for his own projects,other artists and music for licensing in TV and film. The last eight years have seen Serg tour throughout North America, Canada, Japan, Europe and Australia with many established US and International artists. * Serg also play Bass, Keys and Talk Box. A few artists Serg has worked for/with… – Earth,Wind & Fire – (current guitarist) – ZEDD – Sugar Ray – Heart – Kelis – Ariana Grande – Aretha Franklin – Good Charlotte – The Madden Brothers – Intergalactix – Pras (The Fugees) – Queen Latifa – Mary Wilson (the Supremes) – DJ Lethal (House of Pain,Limp Bizkit) – PNAU (Australia) – Elliot Yamin – Jungle Bros. (US) – Human Nature (Australia) – Cool & Dre – Cash Money Records – Roc Nation Records

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