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Сахил Махиджа (Sahil Makhija)

Сахил Махиджа (Sahil Makhija)



Sahil Makhija, better known as Demonstealer has been one of the pillars of Indian Heavy Metal. He is one of the most well known faces in Heavy Metal and his contribution to the development of the music and the scene is unmatched. Starting out in 2000 he formed Demonic Resurrection, one of India’s best known and biggest metal bands. Demonic Resurrection has released 3 albums and 1 EP in their 12 year career and their most recent album ‘The Return To Darkness’ was released worldwide after they joined the likes of artists like Opeth and Emperor on Candlelight Records. The band has toured the length and breadth of India over the last decade headlining most major festivals and shows. On the International front the band has played at the prestigious Inferno Festival in Norway and Brutal Assault show in Czech republic in 2010 and more recently in 2012 at Bloodstock Festival in the UK. The band also walked away with the Metal Hammer Golden God Award in 2010 for best Global Metal band. Demonic Resurrection is currently at work on their fourth full length album.

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