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Маттиас Рейм (Matthias Reim)

Маттиас Рейм (Matthias Reim)


Matthias Reim – who does not know him? Matthias was born in the Hessian town Korbach on November 26, 1957 and is THE big name in German pop music. His song “Verdammt, ich lieb Dich” is still a very catchy tune and has not lost any popularity since it was released in 1990. Music was not what young Matthias‘ parents had in mind for their son. His father was a lecturer and Matthias‘ family wanted to see him rather behind a desk than a guitar. Matthias, though, had other plans…
He was only 10 years young when he founded the school band Rhyme River Union (pay attention to the wordplay Rhyme – Reim!). As the band gained some popularity Matthias’ passion for music grew. He was gifted a guitar for his confirmation, a Hagstrøm, to be all correct. 
Matthias’ father was very pleased when his son began to study German language and Anglistics in Göttingen in 1976, but soon studies were replaced by music and Matthias followed his real calling. Songs he wrote in this time were performed by singers like Roy Black and Jürgen Drews. Matthias had not been on stage so far, but this should soon change. The song “Verdammt, ich lieb Dich” didn’t seem to be too popular with the singers who had previously performed Matthias‘ lyrics, none of them wanted to touch it. Matthias, but, was convinced to have written a real hit and so he went to the studio himself to record it. He had been right about the quality of the song – Matthias Reim became a superstar overnight. 

The German pop scene in unimaginable without Matthias Reim – he surely has influenced it greatly since his breakthrough in 1990. He has always followed his calling, despite some huge personal problems. He had a rather quiet time from mid-90th to the beginning of the year 2000, but since then he celebrates success after success – sold out tours, fantastic sales figures, a growing fan base. 
Matthias Reim, the king of pop albums, became the favorite star on stage. Taking a look at his audience tells us that also the young generation, the one that didn’t experience the first release of “Verdammt, ich lieb Dich”, has been captivated by his charisma and presence. We are taking our hats off to him, his talent, stamina and personality and are proud to be part of the legendary Matthias Reim band via our Laney L20T-212.

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