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Дункан Ллойд (Duncan Lloyd)

Дункан Ллойд (Duncan Lloyd)


Duncan Lloyd is a guitarist, lead songwriter and backing vocalist for Maxïmo Park. 

The band was created by guitarist Duncan Lloyd and is named after Máximo Gómez Park (also known as Domino Park), located in Little Havana, Miami. Initially, the four founding members played several small shows including Manchester’s ‘In the City’, which showcases unsigned bands in the UK. In 2003, the band decided they wanted a frontman as the original singers, Archis and Duncan, wanted to focus on writing the songs. The then-girlfriend of the drummer Tom English noticed his friend Joe Rivers singing along to Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”. When Rivers was found, the band did not know if he could sing: “When he first joined we didn’t know if he could; just that he was a lunatic jumping around in a suit, it felt like the last piece of the jigsaw”. With Rivers joining the band gave him demos of their songs and from then on started writing as unit. 

He is originally from Derby and moved to Newcastle to paint. Lloyd founded Maximo Park with his friend Archis Tiku. Before the band’s record deal, Duncan worked in many varied jobs whilst writing and recording/producing the band. Duncan writes the majority of Maxïmo Park’s music. He won Lyric of the Year for Maxïmo Park in 2006 on BBC 6 Music for one of the lines from the song “Graffiti” which he originally penned. His band have also been nominated for the Mercury Prize award. The music Lloyd wrote for the song “Going Missing” was used on the film “Stranger than Fiction” starring Will Ferrell & Maggie Gyllenhaal. 

Lloyd has recently moved into soundtrack composition after writing for up and coming film makers to help soundtrack their films. According to a recent interview, he is currently working on a collaboration composing a soundtrack score alongside working on a new solo album. 

He is also part of the prolific experimental band Res Band who improvise songs only once and release them for free, over ten albums of original material has been released by Res Band which they have made available over the web. 

Duncan has recently moved to Laney and plays a Lionheart L20H.

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