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Клаус Фишер (Claus Fischer)

Клаус Фишер (Claus Fischer)


Claus Fischer, born in Leverkusen, North Rhine Westphalia on 11th of April 1965 is a musician, producer and author who is well known even outside German borders. He is a self-taught bassist, guitar player and drummer and he is utmost successful in his career. Claus played bass in the Franck Band which was founded in Cologne in 1989. The band released 5 records and played gigs in Europe as well as in USA and Canada. The band “Drei vom Rhein” came into being in the year 1993, they released 6 records so far and toured through Germany, Indonesia, Turkey and Central Asia. The best-known formation in which Claus played a significant part is probably the “Heavytones”, founded in Cologne in the year 2000. Their list of TV shows is literally endless. Claus has been producing for well-known artists like Gregor Meyle and Angelo Kelly and is a sought-after studio and live musician. The list of artists he has worked with so far is long, so we just name a few here: Chaka Khan, Larry Carlton, Lionel Ritchie. Claus has been involved in more than 300 records and performed in more than 800 TV shows, the music scene is hardly imaginable without him. Claus has passed his knowledge and experience on as a tutor. He became a lecturer at Bass School Munich in 1990 and took over their Cologne branch from 1995 until the year 2000. Finally he is an author. Along with Helge Rosenbaum he wrote the book “Masters of Drum” which was published in March 1995. Claus’ musical orientation is jazz, pop and funk and he surely is a real asset to the Laney family! Find out more about Claus, and follow him on his Facebook page HERE!

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